Arch Rival Wine Co.

Arch Rival Wine Co. is an experimental brand released in a small California test market. It's branding is a beautiful contrast of hard and soft values. With three wines open to consumers, Arch Rival needed a website to tell the story of such a unique brand.


For this project, I worked closely with the brand team that developed Arch Rival Wine Co. Their priority was on keeping a small budget but still having a site that was bold and dynamic. When we first started the budget there was confusion on whether my team was consulting or actually designing the site, so both teams accidently developed wireframes.

Luckily, this presented a unique opportunity where we were able to combine the wireframes into a site that met their needs. I then applied their brand standards and worked with the development team to bring the vision into reality. In the end, the brand team was very happy with the results.


Web Designer
The project timeline was one month in November 2018

Desktop & Mobile Wireframes


Desktop Walkthrough