Arch Rival Wine Co.

Branding | User Experience | Web Design

Arch Rival Wine Co. is an experimental brand released in a small California test market. It's branding is a beautiful contrast of hard and soft values. With three wines open to consumers, Arch Rival needed a website to tell the story of such a unique brand.

I started with wireframes for the mobile design and then translated that into the desktop design. From there I worked with developers to get the site up and running smoothly.


When the brand manager approached my team for the site design, he only gave us 3 photos of the different wines. We worked with a few other brand designers to flesh out the concept for the brand and develop more assets.

These assets included a new video, copy in the voice of the brand, and concept social media assets. From there I could start to create the site.

I always like to start with the mobile design for a site. It's more restrictive and statistics tend to show that sites selling alcoholic beverages are viewed mostly from mobile platforms.

After finishing both the desktop and mobile wireframes, I mocked them up in InVision. The brand team reviewed and we made some small adjustments.

One of the more challenging aspects of this project was creating a gif for the home page. It needed to be high quality but not so large that it affected the site load time.