Arch Rival Wine Co.
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Arch Rival Wine Co was created through contradictions. It's an experimental wine developed by local artists and photographers. This site was created to show and in the future, sell, their beautiful wines.


1.0 Overview

With Arch Rival being such a new brand, the client only provided photography and their promotional videos for the brand. They wanted to keep the site as simple as possible to avoid expensive development costs later down the line. If you'd like, you can view the videos here.

Working directly with the artists, I developed a wire frame that matched their vision but also stayed within their budget and then translated it into a mobile design. Working with limited content it became apparent that we would have to focus on large, bold photography as the centerpiece. These pictures would then be paired with delicate text to create a look that pairs with their brand vision.

1.1 Interactive Mockup

One of the most important parts of a digital project is an interactive prototype. This serves as a great way to not only show the client the flow of the site, but also the developer. I created these interactive mockups using InVision. 

2.0 Development

I worked with an outsourced developer for the development of the Arch Rival site. While providing his team web ready videos, photography, and typefaces, I also worked with him to make sure the site was responsive and coded cleanly. You can view the live site with the link below or through the video.


Kat Fenton | Little Rock, AR |

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