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Wine is a prominent staple in the alcohol market. It's the alcohol of choice for baby boomers and older generations, but is still trying to get a hold on millenials and Gen X. The main problem is utilizing unique, exciting marketing techniques that generate interest and brand loyalty. ESOTERIC uses a niche idea that many people are familiar with to create an exciting new brand that stands out not only on the shelves, but also online.


Exploring Concepts

When I began concepting and looking for inspiration for this brand, I thought a lot about the struggles I had when I first turned 21. There's so many choices and I had no idea what I would like or not like in terms of alcohol. This fueled me to come up with a new way of helping people find a wine that they might like. I began to think about the idea of using personalities to help people find a wine they might enjoy. Something like your Myers-Briggs results or your astrological sign. 


This is where spirit animals came into play. They're fun, a bit niche, but also known by almost every girl who's gone to school and had to do an icebreaker in class. It seemed like a solid start to break into the market. I wanted a brand that had an 'instagrammable' feel. Something that makes you want to just pick up the bottle and take a picture of it.


Approachable, Instagrammable, Elegant

Before I started creating my bottles, I needed to develop my brand guidelines. Starting with typography, I chose contrasting serif and sans serif typefaces that would exemplify the look and feel of ESOTERIC. It's a brand that needs to cover a wide variety of personalities while still feeling consistent. That's where my typography came in. It's the one element that doesn't change throughout my designs.

I went with softer, more inviting pastels and desaturated blues and reds to further push the idea of an inviting and approachable brand. This coupled with plant filled or non-intrusive, slice of life photography adds a new level of 'instagrammable' content to ESOTERIC. 


Each of the bottles features unique artwork created by myself to represent the flavors of the wine inside. Jaguar is a bold, spicy South African Shiraz. It's unique and created to reflect a strong willed woman who knows what she wants and isn't afraid of a challenge. Plover (a species of sand pipers) reflects a bubbly, exciting personality.

The women that plover represents love life, they're adventurous and the life of the party. Plover reflects this in beautiful notes of strawberry. Discus (an inquisitive and extremely smart tropical fish) are more on the silent side. They're smart and can make impactful decisions at the drop of the hat. This is reflected in the smoothness of the wine and with hints of grapefruit.


Developing A Website

When going through my website, I wanted to keep it simple and straightforward. It's important to be transparent about what the wines taste like, so I created unique flavor profile using icons to give users a quick look at the wines. Keeping consistency with the brand idea, I wanted to create a quiz that would help users decide which wine was best for them.

The results screen gives users the opportunity to explore recipes that pair well with the wine as well as an instagram feed of other users with the wine. These are filtered to match the brand standards but still provide an approachable look and feel.

Screen Shot 2019-06-28 at 4.34.09 PM.png
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Marketing & Digital Application

Since one of the major drivers of my brand is social media, specifically instagram, I needed to develop a basic understanding of how the brand's instagram would look. I also wanted to experiment with expanding the brand to other digital applications.