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Esoteric Wine

Branding | User Experience | Package Design

This project was created to develop an instagrammable wine brand that would help new-to-wine women (generally between the ages of 21-35) develop their tastes in alcohol. The main concept relied on social media friendly branding, web based content including recipes and a taste quiz.

When I began looking at my market, I looked at art, astrological and zodiac signs, music and more for inspriation. The route of astrological and zodiac signs peaked my interest though. To gain a better understanding of what my users thought of this subject I conducted a quick online survey and from that developed 3 user profiles.

My user profiles became Chloe, Em, and Heather. Chloe; quiet, strong, and curious. Em; bubbly, sweet, and happy. Heather; the jaguar; determined, independent, and strong. These women fit their spirit animal in personality and taste. I also did a quick competitor comparison to see what was already on the market.

With a clear direction in mind, I began to search for inspiration. Artwork, typography, quotes, and photography were collected and analyzed to form a mood board that properly expressed the brand that I was trying to put forward. 


While I wanted something unique to the brand, without hiring an actual artist (entirely out of the scope of the project), I would have to create the artwork myself. I decided that this was a good learning opportunity. Since I had only been trained in traditional methods of art such as pencil drawing and watercolor painting, I had the chance to learn digital painting. It poses some unique opportunity and in-depth knowledge of Photoshop that I wouldn’t be able to get any other way.

Once the design was approved and ready to go, I ran a test print using Gallo's print lab. Plover was my demo label and I used a nice textured paper with a simple print and a raised gloss applique on the white portion of the drawing. Success! Now that I had my test print, I dove into how my wine would look on the market. This included building a demo instagram and website.

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