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A non-profit animal rescue, Forever Amber Acres Animal Sanctuary (FAAAS) relies on its donors to not only take care of their animals, but to also help keep up the website. The original, donated site was a one column layout with an extensive menu on a brown background. I was tasked with redesigning the site.

Design & Planning

When given this project, I didn't have a lot to go on. There were no brand standards or guidelines, not a lot of social media, and hardly any photography. So one of the first things I did was pull together a mood board for the brand. I set up a small photography session and developed a basic system for the look and feel of Forever Amber Acres. I laid out a better userflow and began the monumental task of learning how to use wordpress.

Through a series of themes, child themes, and plugins I was able to develop the site into what it currently is today. The main goal was to drive users to donate, FAAAS is a non-profit organization after all. This was reflected through the strategic placement of donation links throughout the site. I also worked with Michele, the founder, to pare down some of the information or give snapshots to the user of the site to entice them to read more.

Primary Pages

After developing the strategy and general userflow of the site, I moved on to developing 3 styles of pages. First and foremost, the home page. It gives a quick snapshot of the entire site. The next style of page contains the voice of FAAAS. These article pages often contain a lot of text, but are broken up by imagery and video. The final pages are overview pages. They are similar to the home page but contain less information and more calls to action.

Ideal User Flow

Since Forever Amber Acres doesn't create a lot of content, it was important to determine the best way to generate interest with new users. One of the easiest ways to do this is with a moving slider and small animations scattered throughout the home page. This video looks at the ideal flow for new users to the site.

Analytics & Goal Setting

Even though I've moved away from Ohio, I still like to do my part to support Forever Amber Acres Animal Sanctuary. That's where analytics tracking comes in. It's my own little hobby that I can put to good use to get some insight into new content creation for the sanctuary. I've helped set goals, refine their audience, and put together marketing campaigns with the help of Google. It's also helped me drive the site towards a more mobile friendly design.

Kat Fenton | Cincinnati, OH | fentonke@mail.uc.edu

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