Mt. Rainier
Branding | Package Design

A staple of Japanese convenience stores, Mt. Rainier To Go Cafe Latte's come in a variety of flavors. My focus on this project was to develop package designs for two seasonal flavors (fall and winter). 


1.0 Overview

Mt. Rainier releases roughly 6 seasonal flavors a year in Japan for their cafe latte. They are a staple brand and have loyal customers. However, they often feel like their packaging fails to stand out on the shelves. With this in mind, I visited several 7/11's and looked into what Mt. Rainier was doing, what their competitors were doing, and what could be improved upon. From there, I developed some prototypes that were presented to the client for development.


2.0 Exploration

One of the fun parts of this project was that I got to explore a few different illustration styles. Specifically I enjoyed iterating on flat vector graphics and pattern explorations. I also got to work with different typefaces in an entirely different language.

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