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An Update on Life

It's been crazy but I'm slowly getting it together.

High on the list of things to celebrate about is my recent move. I packed up and dipped out to California to start a new job with E&J Gallo. Though it's not full-time just yet (I'll be an intern for another month or so and then you'll get an update), I'm really happy to be back. One of my coworkers recently got her diving certification, so now I have a dive buddy. My department got another intern. Another coworker left, got contracted back on, and is now pregnant with her second child! Not to mention, there have been a few retirements in the last couple of weeks. So needless to say, it's a bit crazy right now.

There was only one stain on my move and, of course, that was the moving company. 4 weeks of stressful, anxiety inducing phone calls later, I got MOST of my stuff. I'm still missing a picture box, a side desk, and am cleaning up a variety of broken items. They also tried to deliver a few items that weren't mine. While the men who delivered my stuff were nice and efficient, the customer service and handling of my items in between my origin and destination was severely lacking (avoid using

Getting a bit personal, my last semester left me with a parting gift of a GAD diagnosis from my doctor. I've gotten a lot better with meds and therapy but these big changes have really made me feel like I'm losing focus. I'm glad I now have my belongings, but it's going to take a bit for me to get everything back to feeling normal again.

On to a more positive note. I have free time again! My evenings are open and I can actually do stuff with my weekends because I'm not exhausted and depressed. This past weekend included a trip to Tahoe with my little sister. The weather is absolutely perfect right now. Snow on the mountains but a solid 70F and sunny forecast made for a wonderful camping trip. If you check out my IG you'll undoubtedly be seeing pictures for the next week or so. I'm trying to find ways to fill my free time and maintain a healthy mental and physical balance for myself. Step one was setting a goal to gain weight. Not just saying I'm going to gain weight, but actually picking a number (115 lb) in my case and tracking my diet and exercise so that I can achieve it. * I'm already up to 110, 7 lbs up from a month ago. Some other goals for myself include:

• Going to the gym 3 times a week

• Streaming 4 times a week

• Learning and applying marketing skills to my stream

• Getting my advanced open water scuba certification

• Other things that I'm probably forgetting about!

But anyways, thats just an update for what's happened in the last month or so. You can probably look forward to weekly posts for the next month. I'll solidify a schedule once I start getting my life back on track. Thanks for reading!


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