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Fashion From J-Pop

How J-Pop has influenced hairstyles


There's a variety of popular hairstyles in Japan but one of the most notable ones is the bangs. Among women, bangs are thought to make the face look slimmer and smaller. Their prevailing popularity in Japan is mostly in part to female Japanese idol groups. Many of these groups have several members that use this hairstyle. It can give a member a sense of innocence or sharpness, attributing much to the individual's personality in relation to the rest of the group. Just check out a few of these popular groups - Morning Musume, Baby Metal, Bish, and AKB48. More than half of their members sport bangs with their hairstyle.


Unnaturally colored hair is not super popular in Japan as it is in other countries. However, it is popular among rock and band with heavy themes. AKB48, Versailles, Golden Bomber, and Kyaryu Pamyu Pamyu all use colorful hairstyles throughout their performances. Most of them however, only use wigs and don't actually alter the natural color of their hair. From pink to green and every color in between, these dyed hair choices are often accompanied by crazy styles.

An idols hair color does not influence the general population as much as other pieces of fashion. This is mostly because many people would face discrimination in the workplace. Dyed hair remains a popular means of rebellion though among teens and young adults.

Spiky Duotone

A popular look among rockstars, this hair style is also heavily influenced by anime too. It's quite edgy and not an easy look to pull off. The spiky duotone is also very masculine. The spiky hairstyle itself originated from the punk rock movement in the 1970s as a backlash against the 'mainstream' style in the west. Of course, when the look came overseas, Japanese rock stars altered it to fit their look. This included adding more shock through color.



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