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Final Capstone Show

Reflecting after a few weeks...

It's been nearly a month actually, since I had my final show. It was a rush. My setup was simple but I think pretty attractive. My project had a clear purpose and wasn't overwhelmed by supporting elements. So overall, I feel like it was a success. Of course, the only real way I had of measuring how well it worked was by how many buttons people took (they took all but 5, woohoo!). Here's a link to the site.

Final Show Display
Here's a look at my final setup. It included a poster, my laptop, many buttons, and my process book.

My parents, older sister, and grandma all got the chance to stop by and view my project. Grandma probably had the best comment as she worked her way through my site as she thought one of the candidates looked like a criminal! All of them thought there was a valid need for the site and enjoyed my setup. For the most part I am pretty happy with how my site ended up.

If I were to go back and do anything differently, I think I would have liked to spend more time developing the look and feel of the secondary and tertiary pages. After the first page, things started to feel a bit cold and uninviting. Due to time constraints, I feel like I missed a lot of opportunity to create a more inviting site. I also would have liked to spend more time exploring inspiration. It felt like I wasn't able to explore as much as I could have.

Now that I'm graduated (the ceremony kinda sucked btw), I'm going to be focusing my attentions elsewhere. Mainly, Forever Amber Acres Animal Sanctuary. I want to help them with their online marketing. This will give me a chance to continue to learn with hands on experience, which I've found is the best way to learn! You can look forward to future articles such as "Learning Site Analytics with Google Analytics", "Studying Site Performance", and hopefully a few more travel blog articles.

I'll be focusing a lot more on social media as well hopefully. This should include evolving my branding through posts, creating a mailing list, and similar endeavors. Now that I've got the time to explore, I'm excited to continue my education on my own and learn about the world of marketing and business. I hope you'll continue to read my posts!


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