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Monday Morning Update

I'm changing these, read on for more...

With the recent chaos that is my life, I've realized that it's probably ok to cut back on these posts a bit. They tend to be short and a bit rambly. Plus, I haven't been keeping up with them like I should be. So, that being said, I'll be doing these update posts every other week from here on out!

I've gone ahead and started thinking about what I want to write in the next few weeks and realized that I should be focusing on design a bit more, specifically user interface and user experience design. I always feel like there's a vague definition of both of these fields and when interviewing, it's hard for me to tell if I fit the company's description of a UX/UI designer. So I'm going to iron it out a little, do some research, and build a post or two laying out their definitions, differences, and skill sets.

What else can you expect in the next few weeks? Well, I'm not sure. I've started a passion project that I should probably track and write about. I've also still got to finish part 3 of that content marketing series. What else? Maybe I'll go to the beach. Obviously, I'm only halfway planned but I like to go with the flow, so I'm perfectly happy keeping things open and easy breezy. Perhaps I'll do a little self care article. Anyways, as always, thank you for tuning in and reading this 2 minute post! If you enjoy my work, share it out! Or if you haven't already, join my mailing list.


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