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Monday Morning Update

Week 3 of blogging begins

So what's up this week. Well if you've been following my insta, or even my vimeo, you can know to expect a review of my trip to Tahoe. This includes, but is not limited to, views, nearby towns, shopping, hiking, and more! It was an adventure packed trip that you'll definitely not want to miss.

My second post for this week will be more design focused. Specifically exploring cinemagraphs and making my very first tutorial. Cinemagraphs are one of my favorite ways to add a fun bit of motion to pictures without being overwhelming or distracting. I hope you'll stay tuned and join me for this weeks posts!

Updates for the month?

Well I believe I still owe ya'll some artwork. It's been slow going though as I tend to have little energy in the evenings. However, I do have an upcoming campaign for one of the sites I have designed being released on the 20th. That will hopefully make for a fun post as I review goal setting, marketing, and designing an online fundraiser for an animal sanctuary. This will be my first step into the non-profit marketing world so I'm excited to share what I've learned.

1. Wine Time

2. A Look Back At Japan

3. Online Fundraising for Non-Profits

4. Thanksgiving in Alaska


As an addition to my Monday Morning Updates posts, I hope those who read my blog will start to offer suggestions for content they'd like to see. So please, drop by the comments section. I am always looking for feedback and critique, not just on this post, but all of them.


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