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Monday Morning Update

On new beginnings and changing times

I've nearly caught up on everything I've wanted to write about in the last couple weeks so for this week I'll be focusing on growth. Specifically, I want to look at where I'll be headed in the next couple of months and after I graduate. With less than a month left in California and only 4 left before I'm completely done with college, I'm starting to feel a bit overwhelmed.

So the topics of this week's blogs will be freelancing and looking for jobs before graduation. These are both a large part of my life and contribute a lot to what my future looks like. I've been lucky and had a lot of opportunities through my college so hopefully one of them will pan out. I'll be sure to walk you through getting started as a freelancer and different options for growing your network as well as how I'm hoping to continue to grow and learn new things!


As an addition to my Monday Morning Updates posts, I hope those who read my blog will start to offer suggestions for content they'd like to see. So please, drop by the comments section. I am always looking for feedback and critique, not just on this post, but all of them.


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