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Monday Morning Update

I'm so so so so tired

But that's kind of besides the point. It's another week and I'm hoping to wrap up my overview of the content marketing course I'm taking. I'd also like to go through how I organize myself. Both should be pretty quick posts but I think all of us will benefit from me writing down my thoughts. In the news, yes, several earthquakes have hit CA. Thankfully, I'm safe. I've been listening to some podcast about whats been going on with our planet and specifically the earth's crust. According to scientists, these 7 pointer quakes are likely just the beginning. LA is also due for the biggest one it's seen in the next 30 years. But hopefully, I'll be out long before then.

Flipping back to the world of design, I've been looking for critique of my portfolio website. Yes, you can give me feedback. Just email me here. One of the most valuable tidbits that I got was from another UC graduate and it was on my writing. If you've read some of my first posts, you'll know that I started this blog to help me do just that, get better at writing! So it goes without saying that I'm really happy I got some of this feedback. Here's the long version of that was said.

TLDR; I'll be writing part 3 of my content marketing series and a quick post on how I keep myself organized! If you enjoy my content, join my mailing list. You'll get updates every time I write a new post.


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