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User Testing

And rushing to get everything done in 3 weeks

Last week, I did not post a medium story. This was mostly due to the fact that I was user testing and hadn’t done much work other than playing around with anima and linking together my artboards. That Monday my class had a small group critique of about 4 people. I gave each of them a task relating to the content on my site and had them work through it.

Here are some of the major things I found: • People were not scrolling down on the home page • They were unable to differentiate between the current/upcoming button and the local/state/federal buttons • My hover animations were not working • Minor craft issues sprinkled throughout

So now we move on to this week. This week I made moves to finish out my entire presentation of my capstone. I created 100 buttons (4 different designs, thank you Cincinnati Public Library) and made moves to finalize my poster. 

I also began to add in a large amount of the information that I had so I could begin fleshing out my prototype. This was of course done once adjustments were made to the design. On the homepage, I added icons based on the political parties and moved the ‘Meet Your Politicians’ part to be slightly above the fold. 

On the ‘Know Your Vote’ page, I revised the initial design in a number of ways. I eliminated the unnecessary bounding box and separated the candidates pictures. I adjusted the hierarchy by moving the upcoming/current politicians and issues to a switch in the top left corner. I also eliminated some clicks by adjusting the local/state/federal tabs to be horizontal bars.

The know your vote page could still use some work I think. It’s just a bit too much black for my tastes but we’ll see what DJ has to say. I’ve got all my data for federal, state, and local, upcoming and current, candidates and issues. My next step is to prototype and then user test again. I’m going to use a different group for testing this next time around. I hope to use family members and non designer friends of different ages to review my site. 

I also need to get a move on for my process book. I’m going to be using a lot of the stuff I put here on Medium thankfully. I have a large selections of photos, sketches, and research that should make for a pretty hefty book. I will probably print and bind it myself to save a bit of money and stress. Other than that, I’m pretty much good to go. Crunch time is coming, but at least the weather is warming up so I can work outside!


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