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Week 2 Capstone

A semi-sad progress report.

Last week I feel like I started to accomplish quite a bit, but then lost my motivation with the snow day on Wednesday. As the weekend came about, I began to realize that not only did I have all my capstone work, I also had everything from all my other classes. So today, Monday February 4th, 2019, I take a vow of time management.

So, what did I manage to get done? I’ve taken my wireframe sketches and translated them into Sketch as well as begun iteration on my mobile screens. I had originally planned to do more iteration on my wireframes, but due to time constraints, I’m moving forward.

While designing my site, I’m trying to consistently remind myself to keep things simple. Reducing the number of clicks, providing basic summaries up front, and having an obvious user flow should aid in that goal. My site can be broken down into 4 main pages, Politicians, Ballot, Quiz, and About. 3 of these pages have a variety of sub pages or expansions.

The information on the site is broken down in three different ways. The first is by geographical location. Second is by government level (Federal, State, or Local) and third is by upcoming or current. The overview pages for politicians and ballot issues exemplify the three information breakdowns best.

Sub pages go into more depth, but still use sections to keep the information from being overwhelming. I still want to look into different ways of pairing the text as well as the look and feel of a mockup of the final product.

As you can see in my mobile wireframe, many of the more complicated aspects will need to be paired down. A map will not be easy to use on the home page, especially for people with smaller screens or large fingers.

I’m also translating the menu into a dropdown, activated by clicking the logo. This allows me to keep the centered layout, while also introducing an intuitive aspect to my site. A lot of the more horizontal layouts are going to have to become vertical to facilitate ease of use.

According to my schedule, I am a few days behind on the design of the site. I will need to keep my eyes on the calendar as we do have reviews coming up next week. My next steps are to finish the mobile wireframes and then begin piecing the design and mockup together. For the review I will use dummy copy and later I will need to do some data collection and round out my branding for Simple Politics.


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