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Wix Added A New Tool

And needless to say I'm excited!

While I have a basic knowledge of code, I’ve never really had the time to dive in deep and learn more about say JavaScript. It’s something that’s always on my list, I’m just overwhelmed it seems. So to see Wix has implemented a new tool that lets creators do more creating makes me super excited.

According to Wix, Corvid is an “open development, serverless platform”. This means absolutely nothing to me. From the looks of it though, Corvid boils down to a tool that lets you add in custom Javascript and other backend code. This article has a more in-depth explanation of it. The nice thing about this tool is that Wix kept it free. So whether you’re a paid subscriber like me or just testing Wix out, you can experiment and play with it as much as you’d like.

I’m a big fan of templated site builders such as Squarespace and Wix since they’re easy to implement. In other words, they’re great for testing designs or for clients that don’t have a large budget. I use Wix for my portfolio and for blogging, so it’s basically my test site. I’m hoping now that I’ll be able to use corvid to go a step further and really create some beautiful interactions on my blog and home page since both feel very static right now.

Of course, some of these problems stem from my own lack of design planning. But having a database of information to begin learning and implementing new ideas opens up a whole new world of possibilities. Their database currently has a nice selection of small things like adding collection fields to blogs and tracking some analytics, but I’m hoping that in the future it will expand. 

Wix is taking exciting steps to not only enhance their users' experience with website creation but also giving users the opportunity to learn more and enhance their own sites. It’s something that most cookie-cutter website builders usually hide, but Wix is really taking this opportunity to put their addition front and center. A nice addition to their current suite of website options in my opinion.

Do you use Wix too? Let me know how you’re implementing their newest feature in your work! I’d love to see how Corvid is being implemented in other sites.


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