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As my capstone project, I decided to tackle the issue of finding unbiased information about politicians that are up for election in your district.


1.0 Overview

We've all experienced the angry facebook fights, the friends that unfriend because you don't share political views, the fake news. Most conversations about politics end up with both people leaving frustrated and angry. Looking into sites that aim to tackle this problem, it's easy to see they are unorganized and covered in ads.

Some of the sites that I used for my research included Pew Research Center, Ballotpedia, League of Women Voters, candidate websites and facebook pages.

1.1 Defining The Project

Now that I'd done my research, I could narrow down my audience, problem, and find a solution. I decided to focus on new voters and local elections. I specifically wanted to avoid the news and any forms of political ads that might form. I started to iterate and develop a logo and branding for the beginnings of my site.

2.0 Exploration

With research and branding done, I was able to start looking at the layout of my site. I decided it would be important to focus on local elections over national ones, as local elections are often the ones lacking information. Once I had worked through my site map and wire frame, I could explore how my branding fit into my wireframe. 

2.1 Implementation

With a final layout and all of my pages ready to go, I proto-typed my website in Sketch. 

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