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Throughout my time as a designer I've worked closely with several marketing teams. I've helped assist in not just post design but also timing and analytics. One of my favorite things about this is being able to see how my work affects users in real time and learning new marketing and animation techniques.

Some of the content I've created has been used by Fleur De Mer, Andre, KnowledgeWorks and more. Below you'll find a sampling of my work.



At KnowledgeWorks I worked hand in hand with the lead marketer to develop imagery for several of their twitter campaigns.

Fleur De Mer

Working with the creative director of the D360 marketing team at Gallo, I took preapproved photos and animated them using a variety of techniques in Photoshop and AfterEffects.

University of Cincinnati

Screen Shot 2017-09-12 at 10.26.16

For the 2017 MainStreet Stride campaign I worked with two other designers to develop the branding behind it all. I also contributed to the marketing storyboarding, filming, and editing several videos for Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube.