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The Perfect Bite
UX | Webpage Redesign

Wine Dialogues wanted to change a print pdf into a new page on their website that showed wine pairings.


1.0 Overview

Wine Dialogues is a great site from E&J Gallo that gives connoisseurs  and wine lovers a look into the industry. Unfortunately when some pages of the site were created, they were done through a print mindset, not a digital one. The original layout of the page was a bit of text and small, printable jpegs. It was not ideal for anyone to use.

Working with their print designer to gather and organize the content, we created a page that was not only digital friendly, but mobile first. This way you can easily select a wine and clearly see which fruits, cheeses, or crackers pair well with it even as you're doing your grocery shopping. Below you can see the document I was handed at our first meeting.


1.1 Mockup

Once my team did a bit of brainstorming, we mocked up the wireframe and put it into InVision. After a quick review with the client and some changes we did a mockup with the content.

2.0 Implementation

After I got the green light from our client, I began working with an 'out of house' developer to get the page up and running right on the site. With a little testing, the page was up and ready to go. You can now view it live using the button below.

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