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Monday Morning Update

Updated: Nov 12, 2018

Well more like afternoon at this point. . .

What do I have planned for this week? Not much. With some free time after work I plan to create some artwork for the animal sanctuary I work with. They are in need of funds for an emergency rescue and I'm a big believer in giving things other than cold hard cash. Perhaps I'll post the artwork with some lessons I've learned about the unique marketing challenges that face non-profit organizations.

With the wrapping up of Halloween, I'm also starting to think about Thanksgiving. Hopefully I'll find some cute (and most importantly cheap) dinner recipes that will be easy to make in a tiny kitchen.

In the realm of travel, I will be going to Tahoe this weekend so I will be posting about my recent trip to Yosemite this week. Look forward to lots of red, orange, and yellow leaves. On a final note, Louis M. Martini's 2015 Cabernet Sauvignon pairs well with wine soaked goat cheese.

So here's what you can expect to see this week:

• Yosemite & Sequoia Nat'l Park Pictures

• Artwork for Forever Amber Acres Animal Sanctuary

On the docket for the month:

• Travel notes from Japan

• Wine time

• Preparing for graduation, is a Masters in order?


As an addition to my Monday Morning Updates posts, I hope those who read my blog will start to offer suggestions for content they'd like to see. So please, drop by the comments section. I am always looking for feedback and critique, not just on this post, but all of them


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